These are difficult and stressful times. So long as we are able, we at Saint Helens Dental Practice will continue to provide dental care for our patients. However we are a very small practice and we have limited resources. Following Government advice we have advised one of our team who is expecting her second baby to stay at home, limiting even more our staff base. 

Meanwhile, please rest assured that we routinely carry out stringent cross infection control procedures in our surgeries. We clean and disinfect surfaces after every patient, our instruments are disinfected, cleaned and then sterilised in an approved autoclave, and anything that cannot be sterilised in this way, is single use.

All of these measures are designed to kill all pathogens, including viruses.

All members of the team are trained in these cross infection control measures.

In addition to these strict infection control measures, we are allowing a little more time between appointments to allow even more thorough cleaning and disinfection.

We have also removed all toys, magazines, newspapers and information leaflets so as to minimise the risk of cross infection.

Everyone, including patients, are asked to follow strict hand hygiene and wash their hands on entering the premises.

Patients are being called prior to their appointments and will be asked not to attend if they have any symptoms or have been in close contact with anyone who has.

All of our team are monitoring their own health and have been instructed to stay away if they or their family have even mild symptoms.

If you are in what has been described as a high risk category, chronic cardiovascular disease, diabetes and asthma , then you may wish to postpone anything other than urgent dental treatment. Please call if you fall into one of these categories and we will try and schedule your appointment appropriately.

However, notwithstanding all of the above, although we are unlikely to be operating our normal service, we will continue to see any of our patients in pain. In the event of Peter or Fiona becoming ill and have to isolate, we have contingency arrangements for anyone in pain to be seen by the excellent team at Eynsham Dental Care.   01865 880047,  4 Cassington Road, Eynsham. Witney. Oxfordshire. OX29 4LF.

If you are unable to travel,  and so long as they also remain open, then Ock Street Dental practice  and Ken Stalker have also offered to help.

Ken Stalker.  96 Ock Street, Abingdon. Oxfordshire. OX14 5DH. 01235 550855

Ock Street Dental Care. 45 Ock Street, Abingdon, Oxfordshire. OX14 5AG.  01235 533777

We have not had a great deal of advice from our professional and governing bodies but we are monitoring the most up to date advice on a daily basis.

The World Heath Organisation has some helpful advice and we are all asked to keep ourselves informed from reliable sources and avoid rumours. We all need to come together and show each other kindness and empathy, especially to those who are high risk and to avoid stigma around infection. There is some good practical advice on how to protect yourself and dispel some of the myths around this novel viral infection.

Stay up to date with our own NHS advice.