Treatment fees and charges

We are able to offer an agreed course of treatment with interest-free credit to help you spread the cost

Treatment fees and charges

Credit Facilities

We are able to offer an agreed course of treatment with interest-free credit to help you spread the cost of your dental care. This is available for fees up to £1000 and for a maximum period of 10 months.

All prices quoted below are average

New Patient Consultations

Initial new patient consultation (adult) includes up to 4 x-rays£150.00
Initial new patient consultation (children 16 – 18 years)£45.00
Initial new patient consultation (children under 16 years)£30.00
Dental X-rays (each)£20.00

Routine Dental Examinations

Routine Dental Consultation* (adults)£70.00
Routine Dental Consultation (under 14)*£25.00
Routine Dental Consultation (14-18)*£35.00
*If extensive problems, additional fees may apply dependant on time required


Routine maintenance/Guided biofilm therapy£90.00 (30 minute appointment)
Treatment of advanced disease£200.00 per hour pro rata


Amalgam fillings in back tooth.From £175.00
Tooth coloured fillings in front teethFrom £175.00
Small tooth colour-matched filling in back toothFrom £175.00 to £375.00
Larger tooth colour-matched filling in back toothFrom £350.00

Crowns, Bridges, Veneers

Tooth coloured porcelain and metalFrom £800.00
All ceramic (metal free) crownsFrom £850.00
Gold CrownsFrom £1000.00
Porcelain veneersFrom £800.00
Bridgework*Approx. £900.00 per unit
If premier/exclusive work is required or the cases are particularly complex, then higher fees will be incurred. Patients may be asked to attend the specialist laboratory for custom shading etc. The laboratory make a charge for this.
*If multiple crowns/veneers are needed, then unit prices may be reduced. You will be advised if this applies prior to starting treatment.

Root Canal Treatment

Front tooth£450.00 to £600.00
Premolar toothFrom £450.00
Molar tooth (Back tooth)From £800.00
(If particularly complex or re-treatment – higher fees may apply)


Uncomplicated extractionsFrom £175.00

Complicated extractions

Suture removal

From £270.00



Dentures. Fees can vary widely depending upon exactly what is needed. Patients will be informed in advance of the likely cost.
From £500.00 for the most simple denture to £4,000.00 for ‘life like’ dentures

**There are very many different types of crowns and bridges and if this sort of treatment is required we will discuss this in detail with you, offering you any appropriate alternatives.

The professional fees cover all materials used. (A fee is charged for extensive and complicated treatment plans, 50% of this fee is offset against the costs if the treatment is undertaken).


Obviously from time to time we all need to change or cancel appointments and we would ask for at least 48 hours notice of a cancellation otherwise a fee will be incurred of 50% of the appointment fee.

Missed Appointments

Lost surgery time is expensive for the practice therefore a charge is made when a patient fails to attend their appointment and no notice is given.
Failure to attend a dental appointment or hygiene appointment with no notice will incur the full fee for the missed appointment.
Naturally we will use discretion if it is not normal for you to cancel or miss an appointment or when circumstances beyond your control prevent you from letting us know sooner.
Unless requested otherwise we will remind you of an appointment either by telephone, email or SMS.