Your first visit at St Helens Dental Practice

Your First Visit

If you have decided that we are right for you and you want to register with us please contact us to make an appointment for a new patient consultation.

We welcome nervous patients and we know that not everybody enjoys dental treatment. You can be guaranteed that we do everything we can to ensure that your visit is a pleasant as possible.

In order to establish any treatment needs and give you the correct treatment choices we will need to do a thorough examination of your mouth, teeth and gums and in addition take a comprehensive history of your general health and well being.

Your initial consultation will cost £75.00 plus the fee for any radiographs should they be necessary. It is usually necessary to take at least two small radiographs which cost £15.00 each. If it is felt necessary to take any further radiographs then these will be £15.00 each. If you have complex issues which require special radiographic investigation then we may request that you attend the Churchill hospital. There is no charge for these radiographs. 

If it is apparent that you have complex problems, it may be necessary to ask you to return for further tests before any final decisions are made. (Additional fees would be incurred if a second planning appointment is necessary and you will be advised of these fees prior to making the second appointment. 

We will then formulate your personalised treatment options. You will receive a written report of all the examination findings and details of any treatment along with an estimate of fees.

If treatment is complex, you will be invited for a consultation so that we can discuss in more detail the treatment and options available to you. This consultation is free of charge.

If you have browsed our website and are still undecided, we are happy for you to make an appointment to meet us. This is not an examination appointment and we do not offer treatment recommendations but it gives you a chance to meet us to discuss your needs with us. Contact us to book this.